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Environmental Science Club

Sponsor:  Miss Norman, Room A 10

email: llnorman@munster.us

Meetings:  30 minutes once per week for recycling the school’s paper.


Fall – Volunteer Prairie Seed Harvest, Fermilab


Winter – Cross – Country skiing, Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental                       Education, Miller Woods


Spring – Earth Day Activities, Maple Syrup Collection, Pulling weeds on school grounds, planting flowers.


Overview:  The club is organized to provide ongoing information about world/local environmental concerns, and to discover ways to deal with them.  As a club, some of our big projects are paper recycling and Earth Day Awareness.  We also provide information about the field of science, science careers and the connections between science and the environment.  The goal of the WWMS Environmental Science Club is to not only protect the natural world, but to enjoy it as well; therefore, we take a few trips throughout the year.


Student Involvement:  Students sign up for the activities in which they are interested.  Generally there are always enough students to participate.  Students participate because activities are fun and they feel like they are making a difference.